Essay on Hurricane Katrina (2005): What caused the flooding in New Orleans to be so severe?

The Category 5 storm that reached the Gulf Coast in August 2005 has become one of the most destructive cyclones in the US history. Hurricane Katrina destroyed major property in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama having caused a $100 billion damage along the coast. New Orleans was particularly affected by the storm with 80% of its territory being demolished.

The problem with New Orleans is that city actually lies below sea level. Completely surrounded by water, New Orleans had a system of levees meant to protect it from flooding of the River as well as Lakes Pontchartrain and Borgne. Nevertheless, levees were easily destroyed by storm as powerful as Katrina. The day before the storm hit New Orleans, the evacuation had started. 80% of the city was temporarily displaced. As for the rest, the city officials appeared poorly prepared for the hurricane.

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