Three Strikes Law essay sample

What is a three strikes law? It is the statute of the United States state governments to impose harsher charges on those offenders that commit a third offense after being convinced with two prior ones. These offenders are commonly referred to as habitual offenders.

The idea of this law is to keep criminal offenders, rapists and murders behind bars. In such a way, they no longer pose threat to the society. Yet, there is one problem: the thing is that nowadays half of those inmates that have been convicted under this law are serving their sentences for absolutely non-violent crimes. The examples are as follows: trying to break into soup kitchen, stealing one dollar change from a parked car or possessing less than a gram of drugs.

Apart from that, the issue of minorities arises in this respect as well. The law has affected the large proportion of African Americans. At least 45% are serving their sentence these days. What is more, physically disabled and mentally ill are affected as well. Obviously, they have to serve their sentence. Yet, such conditions are inappropriate. Want to find out more about the three strikes law? Visit …


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